The features and benefits

  • No minimum term, the insurance can be taken per day.
  • Maximum term of 2 years.
  • Multilingual emergency alarm.
  • Choice form three covers.
  • English terms and conditions.
  • Comprehensive coverage for medical expenses, extraordinary expenses, accidents and legal liability.
  • Sports are automatically insured.
  • Luggage is covered while traveling to and from the Netherlands. You can drop in during their stay in the Netherlands and during short breaks in Europe insure separately.
  • Coverage during 1 interim visit per year to the home country.
  • Holidays in Europe standard insured.

Emergency Centre

Upon repatriation, accidents, additional travel expenses, hospitalization and earlier return because of a medical condition you should contact our emergency center.
The phone number is +31 182 544 555.

Take out?

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You can also find more information on the website