Filing a claim

Do you have medical or extra expenses?

Do you have medical expenses or extra expenses (such as extra travel expenses)? Please send us:
  • a completed claim form;
  • original invoices;
  • a certificate from a local doctor stating your illness or accident;
  • airline tickets in case of additional travel costs;
  • in case of death please provide a death certificate;
  • with the option Extra: explanation of your health care provider in the Netherlands stating which costs have not been or only partially have  been reimbursed by your health insurance.
Is your luggage has been damaged, lost or stolen? Please send us:
  • a completed claim form;
  • original purchase receipts and repair invoices;
  • the original police report;
  • Property Irregularity Report (PIR) of the carrier for loss or damage to baggage during transportation.
You can send this to:
PO Box 9
2800 MA  Gouda
The Netherlands