Special ISIS insurance

Special ISIS insurance is the insurance if you go abroad for a longer period of time. For example, because you are going backpacking, becoming an au pair, doing voluntary work, go to study or to have an internship. We insure people up to 65 years of age.

The features and benefits

  • The minimum duration is 2 months and the maximum duration is 4 years.
  • With the Medical expenses option you have medical coverage during 3 visits per year to the Netherlands.
  • There is comprehensive coverage for luggage, extra expenses,  accidents and legal liability.
  • Legal aid is standard insured on the Super cover.
  • There are two options for Medical expenses. If you keep your health insurance in the Netherlands, then you can choose the option 'Extra' for a supplementary insurance. The cover is then additional to your health  insurance in the  Netherlands. That may only offer coverage according to Dutch rates. By taking out the extra cover you can be sure that the total medical costs are covered abroad. If you are not obliged to keep your state health insurance in the Netherlands, then you must take out the option 'all-in' for medical expense. This then covers all primary medical expenses. The Option ‘All-in’ gives cover as long as the insured is younger than 56 years!
  • In the Super cover there is no excess for medical expenses.
  • Wintersport and adventure sports are always covered.
  • In addition to monthly premiums, ISIS also has daily premiums. For  example, if the duration of your trip is 4 months and 5 days, you do not  pay the premium for 5 months, but 4 months and 5 days.

Emergency Centre

The Emergency Centre is to help in case of an emergency, and not for a doctor’s visit.
You can call them for instance when you get hospitalized, have an accident , need to return home earlier due to a medical indication or suddenly have to return home for other reasons.  You than, if possible, contact the Emergency Centre before you make any costs. The phone number is +31 182 544 555.
Do you have a small doctors bill? Then you first have to pay yourself. Afterwards you file your claim with us. If it’s covered we will reimburse your claim within 5 working days. Is it a large bill which you cannot afford to pay yourself, and it’s at least € 300,-? Than the emergency centre sometimes can directly pay the healthcare provider.
If you are travelling in the United States and you have to go to the doctor or to the hospital? Please always contact, in advance with: ISIS Assistance/GMMI. The phone number is +1 800 694 9832 (toll free within the US).

Take out the insurance?

Need more information about this insurance or do you want to take out this insurance? Click on the list of all insurance advisors who sell ISIS and who can advise you.
You can also find more information on the website wijzeringeldzaken.nl.