The features and benefits

  • Very affordable premiums.
  • Unlimited number of trips up to 90 days continuous coverage.
  • Medical costs are on top of your Dutch health insurance covered the cost, with no deductible.
  • Winter sports and adventure sports are standard insured.
  • Voluntary) work, internships and exchanges are also insured, except for liability.
  • Standard cover for luggage, extraordinary expenses, accidents and medical costs.

Emergency Centre

Upon repatriation, accidents, additional travel expenses, hospitalization and earlier return because of a medical condition you should contact our emergency center.
The phone number is +31 182 544 555.
If you travel in the United States and you have to go to the doctor or to the hospital? Please always take contact in advance with: ISIS Assistance/GMMI. The phone number is +1 800 694 9832 (free within the US).