Expat Policy for Foreign Professionals in The Netherlands

It’s an exciting time ahead. You are going to live and work in The Netherlands for a while. A new environment, new people and new experiences. But also: a new language, which will not always be clear to you. And new laws, new rules and undoubtedly plenty of other surprises.


Just like at home you will need good insurance to protect you against financial risks. Like the risk that your valuable belongings get damaged in a fire or are stolen while you are travelling. Not to mention your personal liability. And what if you urgently need to travel back home because a close relative is seriously ill? Your insurances back home will most likely not cover you for your stay abroad.


Fortunately, there is a complete solution available, especially developed for people like you: the Expat Policy for Foreign Professionals in The Netherlands. It offers you the precise security that you need because you can compose your own policy, choosing from six different insurances (with a minimum of two). Of course all information is in clear English.
  • GoudaService Package
    This unique insurance is not available anywhere else. It covers the costs if a close relative needs to travel to the Netherlands in case you become seriously ill or have a bad accident. And vice versa. In both cases accommodation expenses are also covered.
  • Personal Liability
    This insurance covers the costs if you or a member of your family accidentally causes damage to a third party and is held responsible.
  • Household Contents
    If your household contents get damaged or stolen this insurance covers you adequately.
  • Continuous Travel
    Both your personal and business trips are covered throughout the year. Coverage includes theft, accidents, legal assistance and adventurous sports. Plus evacuation and repatriation. If you wish you can include cancellation cover, so that your travel expenses will be refunded if your trip is cancelled for an unexpected reason, such as illness.
  • Personal accidents
    If you or a member of your family is involved in an accident this can have unwanted consequences. Money cannot soften them but it can prove to be useful. This insurance pays out a lump sum if the accident results in death or permanent disability.
  • Personal Legal Assistance
    Conflicts can always occur. Concerning a service or product you purchased, for example. Or with a neighbour or your employer in The Netherlands. Dutch legislation is sometimes complex but this insurance offers you the certainty of legal assistance in many circumstances.

Health Insurance

When you are going to live in The Netherlands you must take out a mandatory health insurance. We can help you with this. De Goudse has a partnership with health insurer Zorg en Zekerheid. They will accept you for the Basic health insurance and also for a voluntary additional health package. Zorg en Zekerheid will communicate in English with you. And you get a premium discount of 8% for an additional health package. Please contact your advisor or us for your discount code, you can contact us on expat@goudse.com.

As you can see, the Expat Policy for Foreign Professionals in the Netherlands offers you a complete insurance solution for your stay in The Netherlands. Your independent insurance agent can tell you more about it and will gladly be of assistance to you.