ISIS Cancellation

Going on a trip abroad? Then take out the ISIS Cancellation insurance. Something can happen and you will have to postpone your trip, or cancel at worst. You also have coverage during the first 45 days of your trip in case you must cancel your trip prematurely.

The features and benefits

  • For both short and long trips.
  • Cover for cancellation, rebooking, departure delays and premature return.
  • The premium is 5% of the price and the premium tax is 21%. Be the insurance within 7 days of booking your trip.

Filing a claim

Did you have top cancel? Please send the following to the address below:
  • Fully completed claim form (see above under "Downloads").
  • Original booking note.
  • Note of the cancellation.
  • The reason you cancel with the evidence (for example a statement from a physician or specialist, proof of earlier return or hospitalization or other supporting documents).
You can send the claim by post or email to:
PO Box 9
2800 MA  Gouda

Take out?

Need more information about this insurance or do you want to take out this insurance? Click on the list of all insurance advisors who sell ISIS and who can advise you. 
You can also find more information on the website